ABOUT THE ARCHIVE - History of the project

The Joint Economic and Social Data Archive was founded on the basis of two structures - the Joint Sociological Data Archive (JSDA) and the Center of Statistical Data (CSD).

The JSDA dates back to September 2000. The initiative for its creation came from the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) headed by Yury Levada, and Tatiana Zaslavskaya was one of the most active supporters of the project's development. Leading research organizations joined the project and began to deposit data, among them the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, "Public Opinion" Foundation, the Institute of Complex Sociological Studies, ROMIR headed by Elena Bashkirova, the Institute of Economy and Industrial Production Organization of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which donated their research findings to the JSDA. In 2002-2009 the JSDA worked as a department of the Independent Institute of Social Policies (IISP). Ford Foundation (since 2000) and MacArthur Foundation (since 2006) have supported the project financially. The JSDA collections of sociological data were published on the Internet right from the beginning, allowing free access to the data.

The economic part of the JESDA collections appeared and developed within the HSE. The idea of the creation of databases concerned with the Russian economy was introduced by Evgeniy Yasin in 1999. The following year, the Institute of Informational Development was founded, which, among its other activities, supported and maintained databases on economics. In 2001, these economic data bases became an open information resource accessible through the Internet, and in 2002 an English version of the system was created.

The decision to create a united research department was taken by the HSE Academic Council in December 2009. This moment marked a new stage of development of the Joint Economic and Social Data Archive. But the key principles of its work, such as the provision of storage of empirical data and free access to the data, remained the same.

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