Test access to Orbis All Companies and Orbis Intellectual Property until 12 December

Up until December 12th free test access to Orbis All Companies and Orbis Intellectual Property is granted to all of the HSE University students and faculty members. Access is provided by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) as a part of the program for Russian universities and research centers. Information about webinars explaining systems’ features and areas of application

Orbis All Companies - microeconomic data on 400 million private and public companies worldwide:

  • Financial statements for 10 years, reduced to a global uniform format, including private companies, received from official statistical authorities in each individual country, financial ratios, ratings and financial stability scores
  • Industrial activity codes of companies (NAICS, NACE, US SIC, OKVED) and description of activities, tax identifiers
  • Shareholders and owners, corporate groups of companies
  • Filter by company type (private, state, etc.), size, number of employees, etc.
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Orbis Intellectual Property - patent database for companies around the world:

  • Links global patent information (more than 130 million patent documents) with detailed regularly updated information about companies
  • Key financial indicators and shareholders, tool for combining financial and patent data
  • Assessment of "strength" of the patent and/or patent portfolio
  • Display of the entire corporate group of the patent holder
  • Search by keywords, by patent holder (current or past), patent applicant.
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