Applications for database subscribtion in 2022 for HSE departements

The Joint Economic and Sociological Data Archive acceptы of applications from HSE departments for subscribing to databases essential for research and teaching in 2022. Applications will be accepted in all disciplines within the scope of activities of the HSE (Sociology, Economics, Law, Politics, History, etc.)

Please send the list of preferred databases to your project or department manager by 21th of April for they can fill in the online application form. 26th of April 2021 is the deadline for sending your department list to us.

We would like to remind you: there is no automatic update for database subscriptions. If you want to prolong a subscription, please apply for an extension. In this case pay particular attention to the statistics of database usage. This will affect the decision whether the subscription will be prolonged or not.

Databases subscription for 2022 will be financed only if the databases are using within one of the HSE projects mentioned in the list, according to the one of following criteria:

  • The project is directed by a leading foreign researcher;
  • The project is conducted with promising research organizations, and includes the possibility of creating structured departments in HEIs;
  • The project is conducted with hi-tech organizations and includes the possibility of creating structured departments in HEIs.

The Council for Purchasing Databases will make decision in May-June 2021.

See the list of currently subscribed databases here .

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail

With the best wishes, JESDA staff

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